Welcome to Second Grade

Welcome!  It is a pleasure to be working with your child!  Please feel free to drop by the classroom anytime to see the great things we are learning.  We have a number of parent and grandparent volunteers that help us each day and we benefit from our strong parent involvement!

Please feel free to see me anytime.  I welcome parents as volunteers in the classroom and our school offers a great program to do so.

School phone number:  828.626.2290

The best way to reach me during the day is school/district email (joel.maude@bcsemail.org) as all administrative changes through the day come through this method.  Also I welcome your calls during the day.  If there is a transportation change, please contact the office directly.  Lastly, I will check my classroom dojo, at 2:00 each day during my planning period, as I wish not to use instructional time to be monitoring dojo.  Dojo will be turned off at 3:30 each day.  Please bear all of these options in mind as you choose the best method for you to contact me.

Reading for 20 minutes will be required each night Monday thru Thursday.   I encourage you to read with your child.  I believe that continually doing this activity with your child will help your child’s abilities grow greatly.  

If you are able, please let me know anytime your child is going to be absent if you know ahead of time.   Please send in an excuse as to the reason for an absence.  School starts at 7:55 a.m.  If they arrive later, they are counted as tardy.  They will need an excuse for being tardy as well.

Please know that you are welcome to join us anytime for lunch.  

If your child ever needs to ride a different bus, please send a note to insure the proper transportation change takes place.

I do encourage all students to bring a clear water bottle to school each day.  Please no fruit drinks or soft drinks.  The kids get very thirsty this time of year.  

We will be having scheduled conferences throughout the year, but please feel free to set up one anytime.  Please feel free to check in with me anytime.

I look forward to a GREAT year!

Joel    (Mr. Maude)