Title I Family Engagement Policy

Barnardsville Elementary

Title 1 Family Engagement Policy

In collaboration with parents through group discussions and surveys, Barnardsville Elementary has created a Family Engagement Policy which includes ways parents can be involved in their child’s education.


Barnardsville Elementary faculty and staff believe that the education of all children is a cooperative effort between parents and school.  We believe that a parent’s involvement in a child’s education at home and at school nurtures his or her development socially, emotionally and academically.  Studies show that students whose parents take an active role in the school are more likely to attend school regularly, achiever higher grades and test scores, and continue their education beyond high school.


Therefore, at Barnardsville, we believe that family engagement will increase the effectiveness of our school’s programs and make a significant impact on the success of the students in helping them to be career and college ready. 


The Barnardsville Elementary staff is committed to engaging families in a variety of activities throughout the school year:


  • Our staff will provide assistance to parents in areas such as understanding various grade level requirements, including assessments and the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.
  • Teachers will offer assistance on information regarding state and local assessments, and how to monitor their child’s progress.
  • Materials and training will be given to parents to improve the performance of their children.
  • Parents will be provided with information as to how they can participate in decisions relating to the education of their children. This information will be shared at the Title 1 Annual Meeting, as well as in newsletters, other Title 1 meetings and on the web site.


The Barnardsville Elementary staff will provide opportunities to meet with individual parents of students served by the Title 1 program.  Parents will be given the opportunity to talk with the staff, through conferences, to determine and/or discuss a plan to help their child. 


Parents, teachers and students will sign a compact indicating their agreement to work together to help all students meet with success.


Parents are involved and informed through the School Improvement Team, PTO Board and Advisory Council. 


Parents are always welcome to visit our classrooms and are encouraged to volunteer in our school.  Buncombe County Schools requires all volunteers to have a background check completed before participating in volunteer activities. A form is available in the school office and online on the Buncombe County Schools home page.


At Barnardsville we believe that an environment of mutual respect between students, teachers, parents and the community will enhance positive relationships and promote student learning.  We encourage parents to make suggestions for additional ways parents can be involved. Please submit written suggestions to the school office, addressed to the Title 1 Reading Specialist or by email at: