Weapons at School

PARENTS: We need Your Help!

When your child is getting ready to leave the house to go to school each day, you likely make sure he/she has lunch or lunch money, homework, projects, gym shoes, etc.  Please take your questioning a step further by asking your child to check pockets of coats, pants, and/or back packs to see if there is a pocket knife, pellet gun, sharp-pointed instrument or any other object that could create a safety issue at school.  Recently, our schools have had many situations, especially at the elementary and middle school level, where students have items in their possession that are not allowed on school campuses.  In some cases, the student simply forgot they had the item or needed it for after school BUT the law is clear---having a weapons on campus, which includes the items previously mentioned, is a criminal offense.

What happens?  The child gets in trouble, the incident is reported to law enforcement, and the school system MUST report the incident as a "violent act" to the State Board of Education.  No one wins!

In short, please help monitor what is brought onto a school campus.  It will save your child problems at school and it will help keep our school and students safe!