Family Engagement Plan

Barnardsville Elementary School
Family Engagement Plan 2017-2018

Barnardsville Elementary recognizes parents as full partners in decisions that affect our students and we will foster and support this family engagement in the following ways:

August 24th                             Meet the Teacher Day 5pm-7pm (drop-in)              

September 11th /12th             Successful Literacy Strategies for Parents –
  (2 identical sessions, one at 8am and one at 6pm)

September 28nd                     Open House/Annual Title I meeting
* Parents will be informed of the benefits and responsibilities of a Title I school and the parents’ role in the success of their students will be addressed.  Parent compacts will be completed in classrooms. 

October 11th                           Bring Your Parent to Lunch Day (11:00am-1:00pm)

October 14th                           Fall Festival (11:00am-3:00pm)

November 9th                         Parent Conference Night (drop-in by appointment)

December 14th                       STEM Night (6pm)

January 25th                          Family Game Night (6pm)

February 1st                           Parent Conference Night (drop-in by appointment)

April 12th                                 Parent Conference Night (drop-in by appointment)

April 26 th                              Spotlight on Students Program (6pm)

May TBD                                  Transition Night


 Parents are encouraged to volunteer

As part of the Safe Schools Policy for Buncombe County all volunteers are required to complete an application and be approved prior to working with students. Interested persons should contact Mrs. Jones by calling the school (828-626-2290) or through email at  As part of our Safe Schools Program, all volunteers must show ID when signing-in at the front office.

In the spring the Faculty and Staff will host a Volunteer Brunch in appreciation of our volunteers. (Date TBA)

Parents are key to student success

At Barnardsville we recognize that parents are a child’s first teacher and that parents want their child to succeed. Parents are encouraged to monitor their child’s progress through:

  • Parent Teacher Conferences
  • Homework and daily reading log
  • Observation of graded papers
  • Quarterly Progress Reports
  • Report cards
  • Power School

Barnardsville Elementary also uses these periodic forms of communication with parents:

  • School website
  • School Messenger – including phone calls, emails, texts
  • Barnardsville Elementary Facebook page
  • Office bulletin board in office hallway
  • Class Dojo

To honor our parents and grandparents, our cafeteria staff extends a warm welcome for parents and family members who join their child at lunch. In addition, the cafeteria schedules special breakfasts and lunches for parents and grandparents at various times of the year.

Barnardsville Elementary works closely with the Community Resource Center to strengthen school programs such as family time and student learning (through the use of their computer lab). In addition, the Manna Food Program is handled through the Community Resource Center and reaches out to many of our families. The Thrift Store helps to meet the needs of students and family members.

Parents are encouraged to read with their child all year long, including summer vacation.  We offer weekly access to the county’s Bookmobile where families can borrow books at their child’s reading level throughout the summer.

Your input is important to us. Barnardsville’s status as a School-wide Title I program allows us to coordinate programs to meet the needs of all of our families. A Parent Interest Survey will be conducted. The results of this survey will be used to help plan additional parent meetings and workshops. Planned events and workshops often include child-care at no cost to the parents.

Opportunities for all parents

Barnardsville Elementary encourages the involvement of all parents. As stated above, we recognize parents as the child’s first teacher and we strive to increase communication and encourage family engagement.

Principal:  Jason Miller

Title I Reading Teacher:  Lisa Jones