How Students Learn Math Today

When speaking to parents about math instruction we often hear comments such as, "what is this new math you are teaching" or "I don't feel like I can help my child with math anymore because I didn't learn it that way".  We understand that this can be frustrating to see different strategies and methods that you may not be familiar with used for solving math problems.  Please rest assured that you are not alone and we will explain why math instruction looks different than when you went to school.

Research findings indicate that certain teaching strategies and methods are worth careful consideration as teachers strive to improve their mathematics teaching practices. The following ten instructional practices are from "Improving Student Achievement in Mathematics: Part 1: Research Findings", by Douglas A. Grouws & Kristin J. Cebulla; December 2000 (Updated January 2002). Published by ERIC

This "new math" that we are teaching is researched based and has been specially designed to not only teach the procedures for working out math problems but also to build understanding of how our number system works and the relationships between numbers.  This deep understanding will benefit students as they tackle more difficult concepts and harder math courses.  Please visit the other pages and links in this section and feel free to ask your child's teacher more about math instruction in today's schools.