Examples of Classroom Rewards

Show and Tell

Read anywhere

Books on tape during SSR

New pencil

Story Teller- Read a book to the class

Magic Pen- Use a pen all day

Free morning work pass

Sticker sheet

Sit in special chair

Colored dry erase marker

Free brain break (anytime)

Partner lunch

Office helper

Ten minute iPad time

Write anywhere around the room

Homework pass

Sharpen pencils

Ten minute computer time

Lunch with the teacher

Wear a hat in the classroom

Future So Bright! (Wear sunglasses to school)

Bring a stuffed animal to school

Free seating in cafeteria during your lunch

Illustrator- Ten minute free drawing time

Line jumper pass (move ahead in line)

Shout out on afternoon announcements

Free “snooze” button (5 minute chill out time)

Library Loan (check out an additional book)

Nature Walk with Adult

Music Mania (choose a song for the class)

Happy Feet (shoes off for a lesson)

Examples of Whole School Rewards (these occur every three weeks) Ice Cream Party Painting Party Dance Party Movie and Popcorn Party Games and Crafts